Lambs, Lambs, Lambs (in Sweaters), and More Lambs

I’ve begun calling this group The Hoodlums. This is the cover of their first album. You can say you knew them *when*!
The leaders of The Hoodlums are these two brothers. They were the first born, and have welcomed each new set of siblings to the big party. At 23 lambs so far, there’s quite a party!
Lambs, like cats, like to find an odd, flat paper-like surface to lay on; If they were cats and this was a newspaper in the middle of the floor, they’d be on it.
Mrs. Banks has a fine set of twins to feed, so she’s tearing into the bale while Fiona is a bit more selective.
I have never seen a more catlike lamb (am I sensing a theme?) than the girl on the right. She cleans herself every day! Trust me, that’s rare.
I love how this guy just settled in and everyone else had to eat around him. “Hey, I’m sleeping here!”
Our matriarch, Lucy (of MUG fame), had two solid ewe lambs in her final lambing before retirement. Thank you, my dear!
Joan is Lucy’s 2018 daughter, who just had two lambs of her own. They aren’t big lambs, but Joan is taking great care of them and they are holding their own in style (if only half the size of the mob running races at night).
Jeri offers a warm spot for her daughter to lay her head down. Wouldn’t you like to settle down with them in the sunshine?
Couldn’t resist—lamb weighing selfie!
Our yurt crowdfunding campaign starts April 19, and our friend Ramsey came to take pictures to help us freshen our look. Isn’t her work lovely? Photo: Ramsey Papp
The fine Brady, checking us out. Photo: Ramsey Papp
More to come…lambs, events, and pictures! Looking forward to a whole lot of fun in 2019. <3

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