About Us


Jenn Colby and Chris Sargent take turns doing our best each day to raise and prepare meat animals with respect and care. We started raising chickens in 1998 and have been selling poultry, pork or lamb ever since.  Avid foodies, we began to cook competitively in 2005, which has been almost as impressive a learning experience as farming.  Ultimately, we plan to create a place for ourselves and our community where farming, food, family, and fun find a comfortable home together. In 2016, we found that place. Let the new adventure commence.


Jenn & Martha Jones on hoof trimming day

Jenn approaches her part with over 20 years of agricultural and environmental experience including a background in Animal Science.  By day she coordinates the Pasture Program at the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture and develops educational programming for grass-based livestock farmers from around the state.  By night and weekend, she experiments outside with sheep, pigs, poultry, and [sometimes] cattle, and inside with tasty flour- and sugar-filled treats.




Chris cutting up some fresh Vermont pork.

Chris cutting up some fresh Vermont pork.

Chris is an artist with a barbecue pit and a guitar.  By day (and sometimes night) he works around Vermont on planning projects with Dubois & King, Inc. On nights and weekends he makes bacon and sausage from our farm-raised products, leads the Howling Hog Barbecue team as pit boss and plays his heart out as one of The Village Idiots.  While Chris doesn’t care for the animals every day, he’s always ready and able to help in his capacity as “animal containment specialist”.