Sheep for Sale

Registered Rams:

We have examples of his offspring on site.

In order to make room for some new bloodlines in 2018, we are selling some rams that have been excellent for us.

Shepherd Book TFR 1512 (born June 2015)
Lineage–WVF-4-282 X TFR 1402.  He has grown to a nice full size, with only periodic grain in very cold weather.  Book is trained to electric net fence, grazes well, and is a better fit for an experienced shepherd.

Captain MOF 1231

Captain, a gentleman.

Lineage–MOF 0803 X NWT 259. (Born March 18, 2012)
Captain is a gentle giant.  He’s kind with young rams and the ladies, is very solid bodied, and bred ewes on steep slopes last Fall. He is around the 94% percentile for FEC, per NSIP.

Commercial rams:
None for sale at this time.

Ram rental:
Please contact us to discuss.

Registered ewes:
None for sale at this time.

Commercial ewes:
None for sale at this time.

In 2018, we will be holding all lambs for breeding stock and/or meat customers.  We are happy to put you on a list for future opportunities. Contact us.