20 lb. Pork Box Deposit


A box of mixed pork cuts, including sausage, chops, a roast. A great way to test your preferences, especially for limited freezer sizes.

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Please note these will be available for pick up the week of May 14, 2021.

In order to help our friends with smaller freezers or households, we offer a 20 pound box of mixed pork cuts. These are unsmoked cuts, with a focus on cuts that grill or roast well.  Typically we include a variety of chops, 1-2 flavors of sausage, and a 2-3 lb. roast for a Sunday dinner or special occasion.  We try to include an extra delicacy (like a tenderloin) while supplies last.

To add to the fun of being part of our farm family, we also include a less-usual cut to play in the kitchen with (as a gift). We’d like to encourage you to try new things with your food. We have terrific recipes for pork hocks, uses for lard, and even tasty recipes for offal.  If you’re not up for the experiment, they also make great pet treats!

The full box price is $150, but a deposit of $50 will hold your box.