Products for Sale


Yay, we are settled at our permanent farm!  We’ll be getting some pigs this year and should have some products ready in late 2016 or early 2017.  Excellent.

Lamb and Breeding Stock

We are taking deposits on freezer lamb for 2017.  For your future planning typically a lamb will yield 35-45 pounds of packaged meat and bone (which makes the most *amazing* stock!).  The cost is $9.25/lb. based on the hanging weight, and will be cut to your specifications at The Royal Butcher, an Animal Welfare Approved abattoir.

A deposit of $50 will reserve your lamb. We also offer hogget (also called yearling lamb), which is 12-14 months old, finished on fresh pasture, and will get you a greater yield (meat to bone).

We are very happy to work with time payments…just contact us to figure out a plan that works for you.

Contact us if interested in breeding stock.  We have registered Katahdin and commercial ram lambs.  For now we are keeping ewe lambs while we grow the flock.

HWFarm VT Store

This is available as a postcard at our farm store.

Would you like to wear a Howling Hog BBQ staff shirt, or send a Vermont hill farm postcard?  In love with farms and Vermont in general?  Check out our custom-printed items, shipped directly to you.  From stunning landscapes and close up farm moments, there are plenty of images to choose from.