Half Pig Package Full Payment


This payment is for Option 2 (flat rate)–please select a half-pig deposit if you’d prefer to pay by hanging weight.

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The pig you are putting a deposit now on will be available the week of May 14, 2021.  Smoked cuts will be ready 8-12 weeks later.  

We have two half pig options (If you are choosing Option 1, please choose a half-pig deposit and we’ll settle up later when we know how much your half weighs!)
1) Purchase by hanging weight ($7.50/lb.), cut to your specifications. If you choose not to smoke either bacon or hams (or both) commercially, we offer a 5-10% discount. A whole hanging-weight animal will come with a box of bones for making stock, as well as that animal’s lard, hocks, etc. We are happy to guide you through the options!

A pig is typically broken down into chops, tenderloin, shoulder/butt (mmm, pulled pork), belly, ribs, head, and legs. Depending upon whether you’d like to smoke parts of the pig (like the belly for bacon, or the back legs for ham), you will have some choices to make. For example, choosing to use your bellies to make bacon means that your ribs won’t be quite as thick and meaty. Roasts and chops have tradeoffs. Any extra bits can go into ground pork or sausage.

Our half (processed) finished pigs typically hang around 90-100 lbs. including meat and bone. Please note that the final meat cuts you take away will be closer to 65-70 lbs. The remainder will include bones, hocks, lard, etc. There is also some shrinkage in the smoking process, which removes water.

2) Purchase a “half pork box” (70-75 lbs. of fresh and smoked product for a flat cost of $540). We put together the boxes, but all will include a combination of chops, at least one roast,  tenderloin (while supplies last), sausage, plain ground pork, ham and bacon (the smoked bits arrive 8-12 weeks after the fresh).  We will do our best to meet your requests (if you’d like more roasts, or unflavored ground pork instead of sausage, for example).

Whole or Half Pig? It’s totally up to you and your level of meat consumption (trust us, we won’t judge),but most of our customers find that a whole pig is a good fit for a small family or a couple with solid appetites, and a half pig works well for a couple with lighter appetites (or a mix of other meats), or a single high-protein eater. We also offer a 20-lb. mixed box of fresh (unsmoked) pork cuts for folks who just want to try things out, have limited freezer space, or aren’t sure how much they’ll eat.

We are always very happy to answer any questions, help you with recipes, or try to accommodate requests. Our pigs lead happy healthy outdoor lives and we manage them carefully to protect the soils on our steep hillside farm. We’re here to help you feel good about your meat!