Women at the Grill with Guest Instructor Jayna Todisco Coulon

June 29, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Howling Wolf Farm
209 Tilton Road
Randolph VT

Are you a woman interested in grilling, but intimidated by the expectation that “grilling is for men”?

Are you an experienced female cook interested in learning more ways to up your grilling game?

Jayna Todisco Coulon, Pitmaster of A Mazie Q competition barbecue team, and winner of the Cowboy Charcoal Fire & Ice Women’s Championship Barbecue Series in 2016, will be our guest instructor for the day. In addition to being a national champion and worldclass barbecuer, Jayna has taken first place in the Northeast Barbecue Society’s Ken Dakai Cup (for grilling) multiple years.

Full of sass, Jayna pulls from a long history of talented women, and she’s ready to share her knowledge with us.

As she said recently, “Be your own cheerleader or lean on others that bring you up — and ignore those that knock you down. The BBQ/grilling competition circuit is a big undertaking and you need to surround yourself with a can-do attitude. You don’t need to have fancy things, just some passion and one by one you will get where you need to be. Don’t be scared, don’t be daunted; be the fire you’ve always wanted to be.”

Welcome Jayna!


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